Bill’s Transformation

Watch how Bill transformed his workout routine by joining Advantage Personal Training. Not only did he lose 15Lbs on the 21 Day Challenge, but got in much better shape and spent his Summer feeling amazing.

Franz Edson

I recently retired from a fantastic job as a Director at a large defense firm. After 35 years, it was time to start enjoying the fruits of my labor. I wanted to pursue retirement with the same zeal that I pursued my career. However, in order to do the things I wanted to do, including skiing, golf, sailing, and travel, I needed to be in better shape. Although I had worked out for years in my basement with a Bowflex and Nordic Track, there was no rhyme or reason to my workouts, and I kept doing the same routine over and over again.

After talking to several friends, and visiting a few gyms, I stopped by Advantage Personal Training in Niantic and had a long talk with the owner, Calvin McCoy. I was pleasantly surprised when the first question he asked me was what I wanted out of an exercise program. Was it conditioning, toning, weight loss, etc. I told him that I wanted to be stronger, with more stamina so I could spend more time at sports and working in the yard. Based on my goals, he set up a graduated program, where I work with a trainer one day a week, and work on my own two days a week in accordance with a specialized program they developed.

Fast forward 15 months. I have been working with Paul Palazzo regularly in accordance with the plan we set up. I can ski aggressively all day, I’m hitting the golf ball farther than I ever have, and I just feel better and stronger. As a bonus, I lost five pounds and my blood pressure dropped from 120/80 to 115/75. Each workout with Paul is different, which keeps it interesting and also works different muscle groups, and my “own your own” regimen changes monthly. Paul is a great motivator, extremely knowledgeable, and fun to be with.

I cannot state strongly enough how Advantage has improved my life. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their level of physical fitness.

Mari & Ed Success story

Mari & Ed Suter

Mari & Ed Success storyThough we have different trainers, by training at the same facility we support and motivate each other. APT is integral to our goals–to remain healthy and active as long as possible.

Mari– Ten years ago, I was winded after a  short walk and realized years of desk-jockeying were taking their toll.  Our family physician recommended APT–best advice ever! For the past 7 years, APT and regular exercise have enabled me to maintain my ideal weight, take no prescription meds and enjoy blessedly good health, unlike my inactive peers. AND–I walk far and fast without being winded.

Ed– Six years ago following extensive back surgery, I started training at APT. My trainer used his vast knowledge to work his magic and move me from a post-operative state to being able to participate in more robust workouts. With regular vigorous workouts and my doctor’s consent, my hypertension medication dosage has been cut in half.

One size doesn’t fit all and the word “personal” in Advantage Personal Training assures that we both are safely trained to our maximum personal potential. Each trainer is a bit different; all are excellent.  Greg and his trainers are all top-rate!


Lucy Burr

I started working out to at Advantage Personal Training in 2008 to retain flexibility, stamina, and general well-being. My goals were also to improve posture and control my body weight. Working with a trainer has enabled me to continue an active and interesting lifestyle at the young age of 91. I love traveling and playing golf.

Last year I was sick for several months with pneumonia. I lost a lot of muscle and energy. In fact several of my friends thought I would not have made it if I did not exercise and have my body built up. Now I am back to working out 5 times a week and I feel great. Thanks to my training at Advantage!

Christine Booth Success Story

Chrystine Williams-Booth

Christine Booth Success StoryI stumbled upon Advantage Personal training by taking a wrong turn. Little did I know that it would be the best turn I would ever make for myself. I was 48 with two knee replacements and just didn’t know how to work out anymore without hurting for days. I was always active and played sports my whole life, but after my first knee replacement, exercise just was too painful, or I was too tired.

We had a son the year before my first replacement and I was determined that I would be active and healthy for him. Thanks to Paul, I have achieved so many goals with my body that I was told I would never do again. Squats, lunges, resistance and weight training, side-to-side exercises and jumping were thought to be things of the past. Never mind that I have always been told that I had to live with the size of my thighs and that cellulite won’t go away without surgery!!! Let’s just say all those myths are completely wrong if you are willing to put in the time and effort into yourself with a trainer that knows what he is doing and is making sure you’re always doing the exercises right, constantly asking what I feel, where I feel it or if it hurts. Paul took me through baby steps to amazingly challenging workouts. Two years later I am stronger, healthier, and more confident than I have been in years. It still amazes me that when I see someone that I have not seen in awhile that his or her first comment is: “Wow you look great, you lost so much weight.”  In reality, I have only lost 10 lbs in two years but I am wearing clothes that I have had in my closet for years that were two sizes too small. Thank you Paul and the amazing staff at Advantage for being a team that cares about all of us that walks through your doors, not just your personal clients! Working out 5 days a week was something I never dreamed I would love and do again. I am a client for life!




Michaela Hardink

My fitness journey began about this time last year when my friends challenged me to participate in a 5 mile mud run, Muderella.  It was just a few months away and I hadn’t run a mile or basically been off the couch in five years.  I had a four and two year old at home and was labeled as AMA (advanced maternal age) on my medical record because I had my children at 37 and 40.  I was also in treatment for C-PTSD and Postpartum depression, as well as taking Zoloft.  My therapist had been reminding me on and off for a couple years that I needed to exercise as part of my healing and treatment but I would always put it off and use time away from the family as an excuse not to take care of myself. Thinking about and having the determination to be healthy for my family, and the love of my friends, along with this challenge was exactly what I needed.

I had belonged to a “big box” gym years ago and got nothing out of it, but was intrigued by this little place I drove by almost daily close to my house, “Advantage Personal Training”.  This little place has become a huge part of my life.  I completed the Muderella, the Color Run 5K, as well as the Men’s Health Urbanathlon (a challenge from Greg), in the first six months of the journey.

I am grateful to all of the trainers (now friends) whom I have worked with individually, as well as in Team, for helping me gain strength and confidence in a safe, non-intimidating, non-judgmental atmosphere.  I have discontinued my antidepressant and no longer need my therapist as I have found that my fitness is all the therapy I need now. In 2015, I will run the Mystic Irish 5K and have accepted the biggest challenge, to run the Spartan with Greg and the gang in June. I look forward to accepting any other challenge that comes up.

Advantage truly has made a significant change in me and I will be a member for life!     

John Scot Success Story

John Scott

John Scot Success StoryMy weight loss and physical fitness journey started 15 years ago. I was turning 30. I was going grey. What wasn’t turning grey was attempting to go away. I was diagnosed with incredibly high blood pressure. And I was significantly overweight. Needless to say it was a traumatizing time in my life.

As I was pondering what to do with all this stuff in the gym I had joined I had the good fortune to receive a phone call from Greg Drab who was calling my office regarding a product I administer. It was just luck that I was covering the phones that day. I’m pretty sure I answered his questions but I also made an appointment to become a client at Advantage.

That phone call was ten years ago and I now know how to properly use the gym and I really enjoy it. It is my morning coffee and de-stressor. I went from being a lifelong fat guy to an athlete. Through the guidance of Greg and his team of coaches I have done all kinds of things that I would not have done before such as a Triathlon, Tough Mudder or the Men’s Health Urbanathlon. I find the challenge of training for these events to be incredibly fun and have made some great friends along the way.

What I like the best about Advantage is the fact that it truly is a judgment free zone. People come in all shapes and sizes and many different capabilities combined with our own fears and idiosyncrasies. None of that matters at Advantage and it truly made a difference with me as I now feel very comfortable working out and competing with some amazing athletes who would have intimidated the you know what out of me in the past.

So now at 45, I am in the best shape of my life. 30 days made it a habit. 15 years later it’s a vocation!


I have always been one to struggle with weight loss but I have also been the one to procrastinate. My main goal for coming to Advantage was to lose weight for my wedding. I started working out about five months ago, right about the time I tried on my wedding dress for the first time. Unfortunately my dress didn’t fit but with the help of all the amazing trainers, they really pushed me to strive for my goal of losing the weight. I went about a week ago for my final fitting, knowing I had lost eighteen pounds and the dress fit perfectly!

I also race motocross and I have noticed a drastic change in my riding. I usually get tired after about four laps, but now I can actually finish a race without being completely exhausted.

I never really enjoyed working out, because I never really knew what I was doing. Now that I have someone to motivate me and teach me, I really enjoy it. Even after my wedding I am going to continue with my workouts, so I can focus on my goals for racing next year. Thank you to everyone at Advantage Personal Training for motivating and helping me strive for my goals!

Krista Success Story

Krista Dobo

I’ve been active all my life, biking, running, gym memberships, yoga, P90X, etc.  After being diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in my mid-20s I also became very conscientious about what I eat.  I’ve never had to battle weight loss, and was confident in my ability to manage a healthy lifestyle on my own.

However about 2 years ago I started having pain in my left shoulder – the result of 16 years of sitting at a desk. I got some relief from physical therapy, but could not go back to strength training without pain.  I needed help!!  I heard about Advantage from a co-worker that had also recently finished physical therapy. When I started, my intent was to work with a personal trainer for about 3 months.  A year later I am still a member, and I have no intentions of leaving.  I work out with Will, my trainer, 3 times a week.  With Will’s coaching I’ve not only increased the strength and mobility in my shoulder, but also achieved a higher level of overall fitness than I ever could do alone.  Over this past year I have gained 7 lbs. as a result of creating a leaner body composition.  I’ve also learned how to move like an athlete, and have improved coordination.  I look forward to every work out!

Steve Majeika

Although I never had been overweight or terribly out of shape, the idea of working out had been in the back of my mind for several years.  One day, after reading about a new kind of gym that was opening in Old Mystic, I finally decided that I wanted to develop some muscles for myself.  My real ambitions were to look great in a pair of jeans and even better while wearing a pair of swim trunks during the summer.  I had also heard that regular exercise and working out might make me look and feel younger, as well as providing some of the cognitive benefits that can be derived from regular physical fitness.

As I entered my mid-forties, I noticed that my waistline had increased a bit and my pants and shorts were feeling tighter around the waist.  As I think back, I went from a size 32 waist to a more comfortable 33.  Then, after a few more years passed, I had progressed to a size 34.  I justified my “middle-age spread” by reading that size 34 was the most popular size in men’s pants and shorts.  Nonetheless, I was feeling “ill at ease” in my clothing, sometimes even having to loosen the top button for comfort while sitting.

I knew that I did not want to join a mainstream type of gym, where so many people use the expression “I’m going to the gym,” as if it were a trendy fashion statement or some sort of chic expression to sound “cool.”  What’s more, my job at Electric Boat (EB) had me deskbound for extraordinarily long periods of time – sometimes up to 10 hours per day!  If I wasn’t sitting at my desk, I was chairing meetings or worse – on company aircraft, enroute to another General Dynamics Operating Unit.

Back in the early days, Greg worked with me three days a week.  On certain days we would work the upper body and on others, the lower body.  There were times when we would mix it up, working all muscle groups with fierce intensity, although my favorite is “classic bodybuilding.”  Greg took a personal interest in me, and was always asking about my diet.  He had me keep a log of everything that I had eaten on any given day, and would make recommendations for improvement, suggesting substitutions (or elimination) of certain foods for better nutrition.  Greg was also constantly challenging me to increase the amount of weight that I was lifting, but at the same time never allowing me to lose the proper form while attaining new levels of strength.

After a few weeks, I was starting to see some improvement and I definitely felt better.  I was sleeping so much “sounder” – especially after my sessions with Greg.  After several months, I found myself going down a notch or two in my belt, and curiously, and I had much more energy.  My reflection in the mirror was strangely different.  I was looking at an image of someone with muscles – someone who was toned and ripped.  That person was me!  Now, I can wear any pair of jeans and look good in them.  At the beach, it’s great catching a glimpse of someone who is admiring my physique – even at age 60!

When I stop to think that once upon a time, I couldn’t even do one pull up, and now I can do 30.  These days, I have progressed to ‘advanced level’ training and we are currently working on my endurance and stamina.  I love my “new” body, complete with six-pack abs, vee shaped torso, and small waistline.”