Officer Brock's Success Story

Officer Brock’s Success Story

My name is Brock Newman, and I am a Nuclear Submarine Officer in the United States Navy. Growing up in central Mississippi, I played many sports and was fortunate enough to play tennis collegiately. After college, I decided to serve my country and enlist in the United States Navy. Last summer I applied for Officer Candidate School (OCS) to which I was accepted. I have stayed in relatively good shape over my ten years in the Navy. However, OCS posed a tremendous physical challenge, and I simply was not ready. I needed to lose weight and get my body ready to start a running program.

Advantage Personal Training has played a huge part in my preparation for OCS. Keith, the Director of Programming, created a workout program that allowed me to increase my running workload while also focusing on bodyweight training. My program was extremely challenging, but I was always encouraged to excel by Greg, Keith and all of the staff at APT. The differences between a regular gym and APT are immediately clear; It may sound cliché, but APT fosters a culture where you are not just a client of a gym, but a member of a family. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when making significant lifestyle changes in order to prioritize fitness and nutrition, but when you are a part of a family, it makes it that much easier.

I have since graduated from OCS and continue to exercise at APT with my wife Kristen. We are expecting our first child soon, and I can’t wait to continue prioritizing health and wellness with my family! Since I began training at APT, I have lost 23 pounds and I am in better physical condition now than when I played tennis in college. Thank you APT!

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